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To those who don't know me already I am Martyn's wife.

Finally after much nagging and badgering I have my own news spot on Martyn's website, and will put on some photos of my Artwork.


As events occur, or I have artwork to show you, this page will be updated.





In my 70th year, 70 of my paintings and drawings.

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 Farnham Maltings Art Exhibition 


Four friends who came together through a shared love of traditional music discovered that they also shared a passion for the visual arts and have decided to present a joint exhibition in the Kiln gallery at Farnham Maltings over the week-end of 26th and 27thNovember.

Diane Wyndham-Read, Mary Kent, Lawrence Heath and Iris Bishop describe themselves respectively as a painter, a self-taught artist, an illustrator and a textile designer and work in a range of media - pastels, watercolour, oils, acrylics, pen and ink, computer –each bringing their own particular interests, styles and personalities to the visual arts.

Diane Wyndham-Read, better known as Danni, went to the Reigate School of Art and was offered a place at Goldsmiths College in London. After her marriage to singer Martyn Wyndham-Read she made the decision to put her artistic career on hold and concentrate on raising their daughters Lucy and Jessica. However, she has since picked up her brushes again and held several exhibitions as well as having her paintings accepted by the Medici Society as designs for cards and calendars. Her passion for painting is displayed in each and every picture she has produced.

Mary Kent is a self taught artist working mainly in pencil, pastels and watercolour. Her preferred subjects are animals and birds, and the countryside. Light and movement are what interest her the most. Mary has lived in France with her husband, Steve, for the last eighteen years where she has exhibited and won several awards. Before moving to France they lived on the Isle of Wight where Mary took part in several exhibitions and her work was used for theatre programs and a seed catalogue.

Following a degree in textiles at Winchester School of Art, Iris Bishop pursued a career in the textile industry, as a freelance designer and workshop leader. Sharing her ideas with others has always been an important part of her work, and so she has regularly produced a series of design publications. From childhood, drawing was always Iris’s first love, and it continues to be at the heart of all her creative work. This exhibition is therefore an ideal opportunity for her to exhibit, for the first time, all aspects of her artistic output - from initial ideas to completed projects, in a variety of media.

Lawrence Heath worked in a graphics design studio several decades ago as an illustrator but has spent most of his working life as an IT systems analyst. However, over the years he has not been able to resist the temptation to pick up a pen and has designed numerous CD and albums sleeves, BT telephone cards (remember them?), posters, book covers and websites as well as providing cartoon strips for “Folk Roots” and “Plumbers World” magazines. Many of the items he will be showing at this exhibition are illustrations to books he never quite got around to writing!